cello bow with an octagonal stick and whalebone wrap.
cl 19-101 An octagonal stick of richly coloured Pernambuco. This bow has a faux whalebone wrap and a silver Parisian eye. 82 grams
Cello bow. Octagonal stick, figured wood, faux whalebone wrap.
cl 19-102 An Octagonal stick with a lovely grain. Some lovely figure in the tip. Colourful turquoise pearl slide, faux whalebone wrap, and a Parisian eye. 83 grams.
A cello bow with a round stick, faux whalebone wrap. 81.5 grams.
Pcl 19-103 A round stick of darkish red/brown pernambuco. It has a faux whalebone wrap and plain pearl dot, with a pinkish pearl slide. 81.5 grams

Contact Reid to see these and other Cello bows.

All silver mounted bows stamped “Reid Hudson” are $5000 US.

All of Reid’s bows are made of well-aged, premium quality pernambuco, unless otherwise specified.

The ivory used is Mammoth ivory and the whalebone wrap is faux whalebone. Substantiating Ivory Certificates are available on request.