Available Violin Bows

vn 19-103 – This round Peccatte style bow is 59 gm. The wood has a curly figure up the stick. It has a mammoth tip facing and silver wire wrap. The frog has a Parisian eye and an abalone slide.

vn 19-104 – This 59 gm bow has a Peccatte style tip, with a mammoth tip facing. The curly stick is silver wrapped. The frog is silver mounted with a plain pearl eye.

All silver mounted bows stamped “Reid Hudson” are $5000 US.

There are a limited number of student quality bows stamped H.S.

All of Reid’s bows are made of well-aged, premium quality pernambuco, unless otherwise specified.

The ivory used is Mammoth ivory and the whalebone wrap is faux whalebone. Substantiating Ivory Certificates are available on request.

To ask about these bows or other bows that might be available,
Contact Reid.